Diskriminierung melden

Trapani, Sizilien: Italy launches its biggest trial against sea-rescue NGOs


„On 21.05.2022, 5 years after the most extensive and controversial investigation into non-governmental rescue organization in the Mediterranean, 21 defendants will finally face their accusers in a preliminary hearing at the Court of Trapani.

There, a judge will determine whether to drop the charges of “aiding and abetting unauthorized entry into Italy”, or to launch a years-long trial against them which could end in a 20-year prison sentence.
The four German defendants from the rescue ship iuventa, Kathrin Schmidt, Dariush Beigui, Sascha Girke and Uli Tröder, contributed in 2016/2017 to rescuing more than 14,000 of people from drowning in the central Mediterranean Sea. The prosecution alleges that these rescues were not carried out in response to distress at sea nor to prevent people from certain death. The accusation rather sees the intention of illegally facilitating the entry of people into Italy.

The investigations initiated by Trapani Prosecutor Office in 2016 became internationally known in August 2017, when they led to the seizure of the iuventa. They also made headlines for their controversial investigative methods, which included undercover operatives, wiretapping and also the surveillance of journalists, lawyers and clergy. …“

21. Mai in Trapani-Sizilien - Italy launches its biggest trial against sea-rescue NGOs
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