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5 Anchorwomen to Leave Cable Station NY1 After Settling age + gender Discrimination Suit

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USA - 31.12.2020 - von Michael M. Grynbaum

Five anchorwomen (Roma Torre, Amanda Farinacci, Vivian Lee, Jeanine Ramirez and Kristen Shaughnessy), are leaving the local news channel NY1 after settling an age and gender discrimination lawsuit against the beloved media institution. In June 2019 the 5 women, who ranged in age from 40 to 61, sued NY1’s parent, the cable company Charter Communications.

They alleged that they had been forced off the air and rebuffed by managers who favored younger and less experienced hosts.

“After engaging in a lengthy dialogue with NY1, we believe it is in everyone’s interest — ours, NY1`s and our viewers` — that this litigation be resolved, and we have mutually agreed to part ways,”. In addition to

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed

Quelle: NYTimes, 31.12.2020

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