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Sparkasse: Guthabenkonto trotz 2.000 € Einkommen

03.12.2007 - von Name + Adresse sind der Redaktion bekannt

I must write this in English.
When we joined the Sparkasse-Wetzlar we were given
kritik when we used our funds
befor the end of the month. This
ment that we could use it if we needed money. Then I had to pay a bill which was 391,00 E.
and I asked them if they could
pay it for us and the money would be replaced when our
money comes at the start of the month. 1.654,00 Dollars and
my Wife receives 471,56 euros. And now they want us to sign a form 182.195.000 and by doing this it
would be a 0-konto. this means no moreschecks und/oder Debit-Karten werden nicht ausgegeben.
I signed this form and not
understanding what, and what
was involved,

Thats when my wife told me what it was. I think we are being treated like dirt and this must stop.I also think it's because we are over 60 years of age. T
Please could you help us to
regain our good name back.
As it is now as of the 31.12.07 we loose everything from the bank. They did not tell me that we would be losing our card and our good

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