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I will be 55 when I start my PhD

Foto: H.S.

23.10.2020 - von N.v.d.M.

"For what it is worth, I will be 55 when I start my PhD (fingers crossed that the funding comes through), and not one of the potential supervisors out of the numerous that I approached mentioned that my age might be a problem. Mostly, it was about the lack or fit between my topic and their areas of expertise, or the difficulties in obtaining funding. I was lucky that I found someone who took a shine to my ideas, and helped me to revise my proposal to to ensure I have the best chance of getting the funding application through. It is now (or will soon be) in the hands of the god/s. Let`s hope s/he/they smile on me.

I don`t know about any concealed age-discrimination (for obvious reasons), but I`ve had nothing but encouragement so far from all those that I have approached. If anything, the process has somewhat restored my faith in human nature, at least in UK academics."


Quelle: Postgraduate-forum.com